Exclusive Options

Exclusive Programme Codes

CCP PCM package, aluminium look
CCT Door trim, aluminium look
CCU Side air vent slats, aluminium look
CCV Central air vent slats, aluminium look
CCW Seat belt outlet, B-pillar, aluminium look
CCX Tiptronic S selector gate, aluminium look
CJA Tiptronic S selector gate, carbon fibre
CJD Tiptronic S selector gate, light burr maple
CJE Tiptronic S selector gate, dark burr maple
CJF Tiptronic S selector gate, exterior colour
CJJ Seat belt outlet, B-pillar, carbon fibre
CKA Centre air vent mount, exterior colour
CND Instrument cluster panel, exterior colour
CPR Dash trim strip exterior colour
CPT Storage compartment lid, Porsche crest
CPU Key pouch interior, coloured leather
CPZ Thicker steering wheel
CRD Brake calliper painted red
CRF Brake calliper painted yellow
CSVL Electric sports seat, left
CSVR Electric sports seat, right
CTN Mirror attachments, leather
CUC Painted model designation on engine lid
CUF PCM package painted in exterior colour
CUJ Fuse box trim leather
CUP Steering column controls leather
CUR PCM package, leather
CUVB Storage compartment lid, Boxster logo
CUVC Storage compartment lid, Carrera logo
CUVT Storage compartment lid, Turbo logo
CUW Door finishing in exterior colour
CUY Seat belt outlet, B-pillar, exterior colour
CV9 Belt outlet, B-pillar, leather
CVB Cup holder trim in leather
CVC Clothes hook on B-pillar leather
CVD Luggage stop, rear seat,'leather
CVJ Belt outlet, C-pillar, leather
CVW Rear view mirror, leather ,
CVX Belt height adjustment, trim leather
CVY Clothes hook, backrest, leather
CWD Clothes hook, B-pillar, burr maple
CWE Belt outlet, B-pillar, light wood
CWF Seat belt outlet, B-pillar, dark burr maple
CYX Central air vent slats, exterior colour
CYY Side air vent slats, exterior colour
CYZ Side air slats, exterior colour
E00 Wood dash and door panels
E01 Light Rootwood package inc X17 X86
E02 Dark Rootwood package inc X17 X86
E03 Leather package incl. XN3 XN4 XNA XV1 XV2
E04 Leather package incl. XJ4 XM5 XM7 XM9 XV7 XW3 XW4 XW5 XZ4
E05 Light Rootwood package incl. X31 XC8
E06 Dark Rootwood package incl. X32 XC9
E07 Color to sample leather package incl. XK7 XN7
E08 Light Rootwood package incl. X25 X31
E09 Dark Rootwood package incl. X24 X32
E10 Color to sample leather package incl. XJ8 XN7
E11 Color to sample leather package incl. X43 XF6
E12 Carbon package incl. XMC XMD
E13 Leather package incl. XV4 XV5 XV6
E14 Leather package for CoupĂ© incl. XP6 XV9 XW1 XW2
E15 Leather package for Cabriolet/Targa incl. XP6 XV9 XW2
E16 Leather package incl. XN1 XP9 XW6 XW8 XW9 XZ7
E21 Aero kit (non-turbo models) inc X61 XAC
E22 Aero kit (turbo models) inc X61 X76 XAC
E50 Performance package inc X50 X54 XE7
E61 Interior package, arctic silver
E70 Leather package
E71 Maple burr package, light
E72 Maple burr package, dark,
E73 Carbon package
E74 Small leather package
E75 Small maple burr package, light
E76 Small maple burr package, dark
E77 Small carbon package
E78 Interior package, arctic silver, large
FLY Air transport from factory
L1 Leather interior (non-turbo Coupe)
L1 Leather interior (Cabriolet)
M4P3 911 Turbo Sport Feb 1993
M4P3 911 Turbo Sport 1994 3.6 Turbo
M6A Black floor mat, Porsche
M6E Space grey mat
M6F Metropol blue mat
M6H Natural brown mat
M6J Nephrite green mat
M6K Natural grey mat
M6M Boxster red mat
M6P Graphite grey mat
M6S Savanna beige mat
P01 Comfort package
P02 Stereo with CD-player (Coupe and Targa)
P03 Technic package
P04 Advanced technic package with Bose sound system
P05 Advanced technic package
P06 Sports package including sports chassis, aerokit and stainless steel exl
P08 Active limited slip differential
P11 Self dimming inner and driver's side rear view mirror and rain sensor
P12 Options 418 + 494 + 650
P13 Advanced design package
P14 Heated front seats
P15 Full power seats for 996 with memory control unit driver's seat only
P16 Porsche communication management PCM/2
P31 Sports suspension with 17in wheels
P32 Sports chassis with 18in wheels, Coupe
P36 Special chassis 17in wheels, Targa
P39 Digital sound package (non-Turbo) (includes M490)
P44 Carbon package, small
P45 Full carbon package
P46 Full carbon package (Tiptronic S)
P49 Digital sound package (includes M490)
P50 Full dark wood package
P51 Full dark wood package, (Tiptronic S)
P52 Light wood package
P53 Light wood package (Tiptronic S only)
P55 Full leather package
P63 Sport package
P64 Sport touring package
P65 With sunroof
P71 Design package
P72 Design package (Tiptronic S)
P74 Xenon headlamps with washers
P77 Leather sports seats
P78 Leather sports seats, partial manual and electric adjustment
P86 Velour mats
R01 Touring package (not available with air bags)
R74 Touring package
S6 Cellular phone with console
SAC AC rapid charger
SBE Battery eliminator
SL Special leather interior (Coupe, Targa, Cabriolet)
SLB Standard battery
SUL Ultra-light battery
SVD Voice activated cellphone kit
TD4 European (tourist) delivery 986 Boxster
TD5 European (tourist) delivery 996 Carrera
TD5 European (tourist) delivery 996 Turbo
TS2 911 Turbo S2 (USA only)
VA3 European (tourist) delivery preparation
X09 Leather extended centre console

X17 Light rootwood dash
X18 Burl wood fittings to the instrument panel
X19 Leather instrument housing
X24 Dark rootwood tiptronic shift lever
X25 Light rootwood tiptronic shift lever
X26 Four-spoke steering wheel all leather to match interior colour
X28 Light maple burr wood steering wheel
X30 Dark maple burr wood steering wheel
X31 Parking brake handle in light rootwood
X32 Parking Handbrake in dark rootwood
X34 Painted instrument panel
X40 Leather sun visors with ride side illumination
X43 Leather frame of console switches
X45 Instrument dials matching interior colour
X45E Instrument dials painted in Speed Yellow, Guards Red or Carrara White
X46 Aluminum Tiptronic shifter
X47 Carbon gear lever knob
X48 Carbon Tiptronic gear lever
X49 Handbag with make-up mirror case painted in car color
X50 321 kW (430hp) engine upgrade for the 993TT
X50 Engine upgrade 331 kW (450hp) for 996TT
X51 Engine upgrade 235kW (320hp) for RoW market 3.4-litre 996s from MY 19
X51 Engine upgrade 254kW (345hp) for all 3.6-litre 996s from MY 2002
X52 Console mounted' leather CD-player surround
X53 8 Closed CD Storage on console
X54 Stainless steel exhaust'pipes
X56 Carbon dashboard trim
X57 Carbon door panel inserts
X58 Carbon handbrake lever
X61 Exclusive front spoiler add-on parts
X62 Exclusive rear wing
X63 Carbon shifter lever
X64 Carbon handbrake lever
X65 Tiptronic S gear selector in light burr walnut with aluminium inlay (996)
X66 Tiptronic S gear selector in dark burr walnut with aluminium inlay (996)
X67 Leather seat package
X69 Door sills in carbon embossed with model insignia
X70 Door sills in stainless-steel with model insignia
X71 Aluminium painted instrument dials
X72 Light Rootwood gear lever knob
X73 RoW 20mm lowered sports suspension
X74 RoW 20mm lowered sports suspension kit for narrow body 996 Coupe
X75 LSD 22/27%, AWD 6-speed manuals, MY 2004/5
X76 Left and right side skirts (996)
X77 Air bag steering wheel combination of carbon and interior colour leather
X78 Front spoiler air intakes with daytime driving lights
X79 Air vents in rear wing
X83 Slantnose Turbo 3.6S for Japanese market
X84 Slantnose Turbo 3.6S for RoW market
X85 Slantnose Turbo 3.6S for USA market
X86 Light rootwood steering wheel
X87 Dark rootwood steering wheel
X88 Engine power upgrade (385hp) Turbo 3.6S
X89 Concave wheel caps painted in exterior body colour with Porsche crest
X91 Hand brake lever in light burr walnut with aluminium inlay and leather (996)
X92 Front spoiler Turbo 3.6S slantnose only
X93 Rear spoiler Turbo 3.6S normal and slantnose
X97 Aluminium shift knob
X98 Handbrake in Alu/Leather
X99 Fender vents Turbo 3.6S normal and slantnose
X99 Natural leather package (996 only)
XAA Aero kit (993)
XAA Aero kit Cup for 996
XAA Aero kit Cup II for 996
XAB Speedster rear cover painted in exterior colour
XAC Rear spoiler with brake light
XAD Rear GT fins
XAE 996 fixed rear spoiler engine lid
XAF Turbo Aero kit (993 and 996)
XAG Carrera rear spoiler (wing) (996)
XC3 Hardtop for Cabriolet
XC8 Gear stick knob in dark wood
XC9 Gear stick knob in dark wood with cuff
XCA Trim strip, aluminium look
XCZ Switch travel shortened (996)
XD1 Aerokit front spoiler
XD2 Aerokit rear spoiler
XD3 Rain-sensing windscreen wipers
XD4 Crested rim caps
XD7 Strut brace
XD9 Wheel spokes in exterior body colour
XE2 4 outlet (tailpipes) exhaust system
XE3 Dimming rear view mirror
XE7 Extra oil cooler for 993 Turbo S
XE8 Gear lever in dark burr walnut leather with aluminium inlay (996)
XE9 Handbrake in dark burr walnut leather with aluminium inlay (996)
XEA Hands-free ear piece in leather (996TT)
XEF High-end navigation system (only with X09)
XEG Radio with navigation system
XEH Self-dimming side mirrors and rear view mirror
XF2 Leather instrument housing
XF5 Insturment rings covered in leather
XF6 Gear box tunnel in leather
XF7 Leather tray
XH6 Leather horn button
XJ2 Leather impact post
XJ3 Leather locking knobs and plates
XJ4 Ignition lock surround in leather (996)
XJ5 Leather covered ignition key
XJ6 Leather steering wheel column
XJ8 Leather shift cover (Tiptronic S)
XJB Rear centre console painted silver (arctic silver for the 996 colour code 92U)
XK7 Leather shift cover (manual transmission)
XK8 Custom shift knob
XKB Side air vent in light burr walnut or maple (996)
XKC Side air vent in dark burr walnut or maple (996)
XKD Side air vent in carbon (996)
XKE Side air vent in Arctic silver (996)
XKG Defroster trim in light burr walnut or maple (996)
XKH Defroster trim in dark burr walnut or maple (996)
XKJ Defroster trim in carbon/leather
XKL Speaker covers in leather (996)
XKM Speaker covers in light root grain maple (996)
XKN Speaker covers in dark root grain maple (996)
XKP Speaker covers in carbon
XKR Centre nozzle bracket in light root grain maple (996)
XKS Centre nozzle bracket in dark root grain maple (996)
XKW Centre nozzle bracket in Arctic silver (996)
XKX Instrument panel surround in silver
XL4 Root wood centre console, door panel and trim inlays with analogue clock
XL5 Root wood centre console, door panel and trim inlays with analogue clock
XLA 986 and 987 (Boxster) tailpipe
XLB Twin pipe exhaust 993Turbo S
XLC K24 Turbochargers and modified ECU for 993 Turbo S
XLF Sports exhaust system
XM5 Control Knob (4) covered in leather
XM6 Leather door openers and handle recess plates
XM7 Glove box covered in leather
XM9 Turn signal wiper switch in green leather
XMA Roof liner, A and B pillars in leather
XMB Leather sun visor with reading light
XMC Carbon centre console button panels
XMD Carbon panel of the centre console (under handbrake lever)
XME Rear centre console painted body colour
XMF Front section of centre console in leather (996)
XMJ Rear centre console in carbon
XMK Roll bar in exterior colour
XML Rear centre console, light wood
XMP Leather sun visors, lighted mirror
XMR Sun visor in leather with two vanity mirrors and map light (996)
XMY Roll bar painted in Arctic silver (996)
XMZ Rear centre console, leather
XN1 Power window switches in leather
XN2 Leather inside door handle cover
XN3 Fresh air vents in leather
XN4 Centre air vents in leather
XN7 Leather parking brake cover
XN8 Leather sun visors
XN9 Leather sun visor with mirror
XNB Rear centre console dark wood
XNC 3-spoke steering wheel
XND Lower instrument panel painted body colour
XNG Instrument surround in leather (996)
XNH Side vents, left and right, defrost trim in leather (996)
XNN Central air vent mounting in leather (996)
XNR Central air vent mounting in carbon (996)
XNS Steering column cover in leather
XNU Trim strip in leather (996)
XNV Trim strip in light burr walnut or maple (996)
XNW Trim strip in dark burr walnut or maple (996)
XNX Trim strip in carbon (996)
XNY Trim strip in Arctic silver (996)
XP3 Leather boot cover (Cabriolet)
XP6 Leather seat belt locks in leather
XP7 Leather rear seat belt locks in leather
XP9 Leather radio speaker trim rings
XPA three-spoke steering wheel in leather
XPB three-spoke steering wheel in leather and light wood
XPC three-spoke steering wheel in leather and dark wood
XPD three-spoke steering wheel in leather and carbon
XPG three-spoke steering wheel in aluminium look and leather
XPP Speaker switch panel finished in interior colour
XPW Instrument surround in light burr walnut or maple
XPX Instrument surround in dark burr walnut or maple
XPY Instrument surround in carbon (996)
XR3 Leather front seat hinges in leather
XR5 Leather front and rear rest lock controls in leather
XR6 Front backrest lock controls in leather
XR7 Rear window washer
XRA 17in sport-classic wheel (996)
XRB 18in sport-classic II wheel (996)
XRC Brake caliper painted black
XRD Brake callipers painted red
XRE Brake callipers painted silver
XRF Brake callipers painted yellow
XRL 18in sport-design wheel (996)
XRN 17mm spacers to rear wheels only (996)
XRP 5mm spacers fitted to front and rear wheels (996)
XSA Sports seat rear side of backrest painted in exterior
XSB Sports seat rear side of backrest in leather
XSC Porsche crest in headrest
XSD Seat adjust knobs in leather
XSE Bucket seat left (996)
XSF Bucket seat right (996)
XSG Racing bucket seat left (996)
XSJ Six-point seat belt harness (996)
XSL Six-point safety bar (996)
XSM Racing safety cage (996)
XSN Rear seats, delete (996)
XSR Bucket seat, right, backrest in carbon
XSS Bucket seat, left, backrest in carbon
XSU Lowered front seat by 10mm (996)
XSW Seat belts Maritime Blue
XSX Seat belts Guards' Red
XSY Seat belts Speed Yellow
XTA Carbon inside door latch
XTC Door features in leather (996)
XTE Door features in leather and carbon (996)
XTF Door features in Arctic silver and leather (996)
XTG Inner sill covers in leather
XTJ Door features in light wood and leather
XTK Door features in dark wood and leather
XTL Door features in leather and carbon
XTN Leather mirror adjust
XV1 Leather vent cover
XV2 Side vents covered in leather
XV3 Leather air conditioning controls
XV4 Leather heated switch controls
XV5 Leather seat controls
XV6 Leather seat control ring plate
XV7 Pull knob fuel tank in leather
XV9 Leather seatbelt B-pillar covers
XW6 Door lock rosettes in leather
XW2 Rear seat belt housings in leather
XW3 Leather rear window wiper switch
XW4 Leather light switch
XW5 Leather wiper/instrument light knobs
XW6 Door lock rosettes in leather
XW8 Caps (2) covered in leather
XW9 Leather entrance panel covers
XX1 Front floor mats embroidered 'Porsche'
XX2 Footwell lighting
XX3 Lighted door storage compartments
XX6 Leather shift pattern insert
XY1 Centre console dials in leather
XY3 Seat memory switch in leather
XY4 Centre console frame in leather
XY5 Leather Tiptronic S shift plate cover
XY6 Ashtray cover in leather
XY7 All system switches in leather
XY8 Switch frame in leather
XY9 Headlight dimmer switch in leather
XZ1 Parking brake rosette in leather
XZ2 Rear seat belt rosette in leather
XZ3 Recess plate on central locking dial in leather
XZ4 Glove box frame in leather
XZ5 Interior sensor trim in leather
XZ6 Right fresh air vent in leather
XZ7 Outside mirror adjustment switches and surrounds in leather
XZD Dome lamp cover leather
Y Wood package
Y01 Aero kit 1 includes front and rear spoilers X61 X62
Y02 Aero kit 2 includes front and rear spoilers and rocker covers X61 X62 X76
Y03 Carbon shift knob/handbrake X63 X64
Y04 Carbon fibre package X56 X57
Y05 Carbon and aluminium gear shift knob and handbrake X47 X58
Y06 Leather and aluminium gear shift knob and handbrake X87 X98
Y07 Light maple and aluminium gear shift knob and handbrake X72 X91
Y08 Dark maple and aluminium gear shift knob and handbrake XE8 XE9
Y09 Light Rootwood package incl. X17 X25 X28 X31
Y10 Dark Rootwood package incl. X18 X24 X30 X32
Y17 Leather console options package XF6 XF7 XN7 XP6 XW2
Y23 Aluminium and chrome Tiptronic S gear shift X46 X98
Y24 Carbon fibre Tiptronic S selector and handbrake X48 X58
Y25 Carbon package X56 X57 X63 X64 X77
X26 Carbon package incl. X48 X56 X57 X64 X77
Y29 Aluminium and chrome package X54, X70 and X71
Y6 Wood Tiptronic S selector knob and brake
Y56 Instrument carrier/lower dash in carbon
Y59 Light rootwood package X17 X28 X31 XC8
Y60 Dark rootwood package  X18 X30 X32 XC9
Y61 Carbon fibre Tiptronic S gear shift knob and handbrake X48 X58
Y62 Tiptronic S light maple wood and aluminium shift knob and handbrake X25 X31
Y63 Tiptronic S dark maple wood and aluminium shift knob and handbrake X24 X32
Y65 Leather dash package XN3 XN4 XV1 XV2
Y66 Leather door package XN1 XN2 XP9 XW6 XW8 XZ7
Y67 Leather package incl. XR3 XR6 XV4 XV5 XV6
Y75 Aero kit (C4S) XD1 XD2
Y76 Flare rocker panels
YO Wood brake and gear shift levers
Z02 Open tray instead of cassette storage
Z05 Leather headliner, pillars and sun visors in unique colour
Z06 Leather welting in colour
Z07 Deviating color velour trunk carpet
Z08 Deviating color velour trunk carpet cd changer version
Z09 Carpet welting 1998 and 1999
Z099 Leather stitching
Z10 Leatherette welting in current colours
Z100 Deviating carpeting colour
Z103 Deviating seat stitching colour
Z108 Upper dash in non-standard colour
Z109 Lower dash in non-standard colour
Z11 Carpet welting in current Porsche colours
Z110 Instrument hump in non-standard colour
Z111 Seat insert in non-standard colour
Z12 Leatherette piping in current Porsche colours
Z18 Sun visor in leather
Z21 Stitching in deviating colours
Z23 Door stitching in deviating colours
Z24 Dashboard stitching in deviating colours
Z25 Centre console stitching in deviating colours
Z27 Leather headliner, pillars and sun visors
Z28 Leatherette headliner, pillars and sun visors
Z30 Leather piping in current Porsche colours
Z31 Seat stitching in current Porsche colours
Z32 Leather piping
Z34 Non-standard carpet colours
Z35 Deviating color leather covered kneebar
Z36 Leather luggage compartment cover
Z41 Pearl white metallic paint
Z42 Leather door trim in deviating colours
Z43 Leather door trim and arm rests in deviating colours
Z44 Deviating color door panels (leatherette), armrest lids and handles (leatherette)
Z45 Leather seat inlays in deviating colours
Z46 Leather front seat inlays in deviating colours
Z47 Deviating color rear seat inlays (leatherette)
Z48 Front hood without Porsche crest
Z49 Front seat belts in deviating colours
Z50 Seat belts front and rear in Guards Red, Speed Yellow or Riviera Blue
Z51 Leather seats
Z53 Head restraints with Porsche crest
Z65 Deviating color dash, kneebar, window sills, backwall top section (leatherett
Z69 Unique carpet colour
Z70 Deviating color carpet (earlier model year colors)
Z77 Non-standard colour steering wheel
Z79 Leather pillars in deviating colours
Z80 Leather A pillar and window frame
Z81 Leather A and B pillars
Z84 Deviating stitching front and rear seats
Z84G Deviating stitching 996 GT-2/3 front seats only
Z86 Dashboard in deviating colours (requires leather interior)
Z88 Non-standard colour stitching excluding seats
Z95 Painted brake callipers
Z96 Non-standard leatherette-coloured roof liner
Z97 Steering wheel in deviating colour
ZM7 Leather glove box knob